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Dynamic validation with list that have been auto filtered

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    Dynamic validation with list that have been auto filtered


    I hope you can help

    The attached workbook has, in effect, two different tables on the sheet

    Table A has a list of both lecturers and students in the same list. The list can be auto-filtered to give either the list of lecturers or the list of students.

    class occurrence
    lecturer lecturer1
    lecturer lecturer2
    lecturer lecturer3
    student student1
    student student2
    lecturer lecturer9
    lecturer lecturer10
    lecturer lecturer11

    Table B shows which lecturer has been allocated to which student.

    lecturer student

    lecturer1 student2
    lecturer2 student2
    lecturer3 student1

    At the moment, the lecturer and student cells have data validation set to look at fixed ranges of lecturers and students in table A

    The problem is that the static defined list only includes the first three lecturers. I have added three new lecturers after the student entries. What I need is for the data validation in table B to change from static ranges to a dynamic AUTOFILERED ranges. (i.e. not a consecutive set of rows).

    Is this possible?

    Thanks. Any help would be very much appreciated
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