The company I work for is divided into 6 departments, each with their own budget.
The budgets are in Tables, broken up by month (each month is it's own column) and the accounts are each rows.
I want to summarize the table with a Pivot Table, but, because the budget is broken into 12 different months is causing problems.

Is there a good way to make a table like this into a pivot table, without changing the layout of Accounts vs Months?

In the attached file, sheets "HWBudget" and "REBudget" are two budget examples.
"CashFlowPivot" is my end goal.

Inefficient Speradsheet.xlsx

I do have one solution and uses lots of VLOOKUPs, but when I have all 6 programs in the spreadsheet, it makes the spreadsheet quite slow.
Sheet "CurrentWorkaround" is my current workaround.
I also realize the issue of summarizing two tables in 1 pivot table, but the months as columns is my real problem.