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Excel 2007 : Data Cut Off When Printing - Print Preview vs. Actual Printing

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    Data Cut Off When Printing - Print Preview vs. Actual Printing

    I'm not sure if the problem I am having relates to this particular version of Excel (2007) or not. I did not have this problem with my earlier version (2003) unless of course I exceeded the character limit. When I print a spreadsheet, data is being cut off even though it is fine on screen and when I do a print preview. This occurs whether there is a little or a lot of information in the cell so I know it's not a matter of having more text than will print. I have tried everything I can think of to correct this problem including putting "hard returns" at the end of the cell to put in blank space, lengthening and shortening the contents to see if that changes the result. Short of manually going in and changing each and every row to a fixed height, I am unable to correct this situation. I add and delete information all the time and want the auto fit to adjust the row height accordingly. Although on screen (and in print preview), the auto fit looks to be working, when I print the spreadsheet, it cuts off information - sometimes half a line, sometimes multiple lines. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU.

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    Re: Excel 2007 : Data Cut Off When Printing - Print Preview vs. Actual Printing

    I have had a similar problem until I discovered that in changing the orientation of the paper for the file, somehow Excel automatically switched the paper size from 8.5"X11" to 8.5"X14"; hence the left most edge was off the paper when printing. Changing the paper size back to the default size cleared up the problem.

    Hope that helps.

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