I'm trying to build a bar chart off of 3 columns:

Col A is the name of the items

Col B is the total number of A items

Col C is a portion of B

I am able to create a stacked or clustered bar that shows both the values of B and C values but only as two parts of a greater sum rather than C being a subset of B.

What I need is a chart showing two bars for each category (col A) with one bar showing the total (col B) and the second bar showing the subset value (col C). I'd also like C expressed as a percentage of B as well as the value.

I cannot seem to make this happen in a bar chart, even if I add a fourth column that is the difference between B and C.

Any help is appreciated - below is a small sampling of the table if that helps at all:

Apples 24 18
Oranges 36 23
Bananas 12 9
Lemons 48 17