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Excel 2007 : WebBrowser in Multipage userform disappears

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    WebBrowser in Multipage userform disappears

    I have a userform with multipage control consisting of three pages. In each of the pages there's a WebBrowser control.
    The first time I display the MultiPage page containing the WebBrowser control, the WebBrowser displays fine
    and the Navigate method works correctly.
    However, when I switch to another Page and then back, the WebBrowser control has disappeared.
    If I unload userform and then I show it again, the WebBrowser control works again, to again disappear if I swith to another page.
    It is evident I am missing something in MultiPage1_Change

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: WebBrowser in Multipage userform disappears

    No, the webbrowser doesn't work on a multipage user form. The work around would be to have a tab strip and move it off the side of the form when the tab changes

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