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Images from clipboard directly into a cell. Feasible?

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    Lightbulb Images from clipboard directly into a cell. Feasible?

    My problem is that I need to insert image from clipboard directly into cell. Cell have pre-determinated size (width and height). Image have bigger dimentions than cell.
    So basically I want paste image into cell so that image fit cell dimentions (without adjusting image size manualy).
    Can stright excel options make that happen? Or do I need go into VBA? Is it feasible?

    I take screan shoot by pressing alt + S (it is print screen of defined region, its JPG, 700x470px more or less) now I want to paste this from clipboard to temporary spreadsheet into predefined cell (450x250) by just clicking on the cell and presing ctrl + V .

    I would like to have in this temporary spreadsheet 4 predefined cells for 4 different screanshoots.

    Problem here is that if i make scshoot, click on cell and paste image it is not in the cell but rather overlay spreadsheet (so I need to manualy adjust image size to cell size I desire).

    2nd thing is transfering those 4 images from template.xls to destination.xls
    In template.xls 4 images have same size and orientation.
    In destination.xls those images are in:
    -different size cells
    -one of them have different orientation and smaller size
    -one of them is in 2 places one smaller size and one bigger size
    -three of them are beside each other (smaller size)

    What I want to do is:
    1. After CTRL + V image should be in cell (size of image adjusted automaticly)
    2. Automatic transfer of images from template.xls to destination.xls
    PS: Images are pasted to template.xls always in same order

    - destination.xls is template for final raport, after pasting images and adding some more content it is saved each time (30 times per day) to a folder

    - template.xls is way of transfering those 4 images from station A to station B on witch final raport is created

    I'm open for ideas. Even advice how folder/files structure could look like. I was even considering template.xls and destination.xls to be on station A and for final touch in station B goes destination.xls with images in proper places and sizes.

    I'm struggling with that past 2 weeks so any input is higly appreciated.

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    Re: Images from clipboard directly into a cell. Feasible?

    It might be possible with VBA but I don't think you can do it by simple formatting.

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