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COUNT (or SUM?) colored cells

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    COUNT (or SUM?) colored cells

    Hi I am really stuck with this so hoping someone can help me!

    I need to add up the number of cells in a row that have been filled a certain color (manually). The color of those cells are RGB is 255,192,0 and I'm using Excel version 2007. Please don't send me to http://www.cpearson.com/excel/colors.aspx because I've read it and tried various things and it hasn't worked!

    I'm a real newbie so non-technical language would be appreciated!! Thank you

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    Re: COUNT (or SUM?) colored cells

    well thats it cpearson or otherways like it are the way to count colours!
    why are they coloured whats the logic?
    another way in excel 2007 tho
    assuming the cells to be counted are the same colour say yellow and have something in them (not formulas)
    say range a2:a10
    in b1 put =SUBTOTAL(103,A2:A10)
    filter a2:a10 by the colour
    b1 will be the count of cells coloured yellow that are not blank
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    Re: COUNT (or SUM?) colored cells

    May be with macro from excel4 only working in name define
    Define a name "GetColor" with reference to =Get.Cell(63;<cell reference>) : code 63 read the cell color
    Create a table in order to read color of each line and column : =GetColor
    See attached example file
    Hope this helps
    Best regards
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