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Produce Chart from Data

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    Produce Chart from Data

    Hi All,

    i need to produce a chart from data in a 2 column table. In my table are items A, B and C, but the difference is that they occur more than once. For Example:

    A 5.50
    B 3.25
    A 7.56
    C 23.90

    i have a list of items and what they cost. Can i formulate a table fro mthis data where it auto adds the same items 'A' instead of catagorising them twice. Or woulsd i have to collate the data first? so add all item 'A's then formulate my chart from this collated data? if so, how do i ask a column to count 'All item 'A's'?

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    Re: Produce Chart from Data

    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    Your easiest solution is to create a pivot table of your data and then from the pivot table create a chart from the pivot table.

    It can sum or count your data however you need.

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