Hey Guys & Gals!

I've created about 40 excel sheets which all publish their contents to a website hosted locally for users to be able to see the data.

Only problem is, when I change/add formulas etc and I then copy the file it keeps the same Autopublish address.

Is there anyway we can add a variable in the auto-republish line depending on a cell value? (Ie, when I change the month, it changes the path of where it saves the file!)

Just at the start of each month it takes a lenghty time having to go through and change all the values etc.

Or is there a better way/software/add-on that allows an interactive way for users to "login and change values" of a webpage? (Would be nice if some simple forumlas worked also) But it still saves the backend as a .xlsx file?

Or am I now starting to ask too much of excel?

Cheers guys!