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Excel 2007 : Distance Formula with Lat/Long

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    Exclamation Distance Formula with Lat/Long

    I've red some previous thread's, but didn't help.
    I'm trying Make things a bit easier by calculating distance using the "Spherical Law of Cosines" formula using Lat and Long between two points on the Earth (Sphere).

    My Formula is: cos C = (cos A) (cos B) + (sin A) (sin B) cos c
    therefore: =ACOS(SIN(lat1)*SIN(lat2)+COS(lat1)*COS(lat2)*COS(lon2-lon1))*6371 which gives the distance in km's (not a big deal to be in kilometers, I can change later to Nautical Miles)

    However, I get a #VALUE in the distance field because, I've formatted my cells to this: Lat: 00""00.0"' N" and Long: 000""00.0"' W"
    All I have to enter for Lat is: 4914.4 and show's Latitude 4914.4' N and Longitude: 5344.5 for 053""44.5' W

    I've tried to re-format the cells to DDMM.m and it wants to put it in Date format

    How can I enter and format the cells so that they will display in coordinates and also calculate distance?

    I'm already dealing with DD:MM.m or DD:MM:SS as I'm using a Navigation Chart to get Lat and Long, and trying to get my distance in Nautical Miles.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Distance Formula with Lat/Long

    I think you have to use radians: so Pi/180 times the latitude or longitude converted to decimal
    (degrees would be the same) but Minutes must be divided by 60 and Seconds by 3600)
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    Re: Distance Formula with Lat/Long

    Have you read this:


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