Is it possible to have reports generated from ranges named in searches of a large spreadsheet?

If I have a spreadsheet with 100 lines of data on it, I could sort by some common denominator; let's say I choose to sort by cats. After filtering all the other data out I'll be left with the lines that pertain to 'cats'. Can I select this range, name it cats, then go to another spreadsheet and somehow put the range name 'cats' in a chart, or use it to make a small report drawing off just the information from my search for lines that apply to cats?

My thinking is that I would sort and filter out several different things and name the ranges of data that I want to capture, then I want to have Excel remember the data in that particular search to make specialized charts and reports.

Ultimately the information in the main chart would be unsorted so that all the data showed at the same time; but behind the scenes Excel will remember the information in the various sorting and filtering, and keep it up to date in the charts and reports that I created.

Please tell me if this is possible. If you know how to do this would you give me some direction to get started?

Thank you very much for your time and help.