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Trying to create a batch by batch and weekly schedule adherence sheet.

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    Trying to create a batch by batch and weekly schedule adherence sheet.

    Hi All,

    so my aim is to try and establish how well our machines operate in according to what we scheduled them to do. SO.. how i have approached it is to use the difference in run time, and the absolute difference in start time to work out how much of the time (and therefore production quantity) was made when we wanted it to be made. But i'm not sure i have it quite right yet.

    I want to make sure that when products are scheduled, we make the exact amount at the exact time (100% schedule adherence). But if you make everything scheduled and you either started late, but finished on time or started on time and finished early then this would also mean schedule adherence is 100%.

    Everything else should hit the adherence in it's correct proportions- i have had a first stab at it, but it's not quite there.

    Also if the production run is short.. this should also impact the schedule adherence....

    any help would be greatly appreciated!


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