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Formatting multiple rows into columns

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    Formatting multiple rows into columns

    Hi everyone,

    My column A lists categories while columns B, and C list the data for the category. This pattern is repeated every 4 rows for approximately 150 sets of data. How would I go about moving the categories from column A into Row 1 and the data from Columns B and into rows while maintaining the data's integrity and only representing the data from Column C one time.

    Dataset A
    Fname Bob Male
    Lname Smith Male
    Address 1234 Street Male
    Phone 555 555 5555 Male
    Fname Jill Female
    Lname Wilson Female
    Address 3322 Ave Female
    Phone 333 333 3333 Female

    Desired Outcome
    Fname Lname Address Phone ***
    Bob Smith 1234 Street 555 555 5555 Male
    Jill Wilson 3322 Ave 333 333 3333 Female

    I've attached an example set of the data: excelhelp.xlsx

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    Re: Formatting multiple rows into columns

    Hello & Welcome to the Forum,

    Does this help?

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    Regards, Jeff

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