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LOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX Question. (2 Search Values)

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    LOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX Question. (2 Search Values)

    i need help with the following situation.
    i have a datasheet that has 3 headers per column.
    so lets say
    A1 2011
    A2 January
    A3 Home
    B1 2011
    B2 January
    B3 Work
    C1 2011
    C2 March
    C3 Home
    X1 2012
    X2 January
    X3 Work

    now i want to add a sheet where i have one cell to enter the Month and another cell to enter the year and one more to enter the type (home/work)
    with that information i want to automatically output specific rows of that date - year - typ combo.
    can someone help me figure this out?
    its greatly appreciated

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    Re: LOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX Question. (2 Search Values)

    Hello there,

    Could you please provide a sample worksheet that shows your original data on one worksheet and your desired outcome on another?


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