Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me out with this, as I've come up empty in my Google searches so far.
We are operating with Excel 2010.
My coworker created a spreadsheet and formatted it to print on legal in landscape, then forwarded it to me. The spreadsheet prints properly for me with the "No Scaling" option selected on the Print screen, but on my monitor, some of the columns look "shrunk", and the numbers in those columns are replaced with ####. This is posing a problem as I needed to send this spreadsheet to another department where they need to re-sort the data for their purpose, and they are having the same viewing problem I am when they open it.
The only workaround I've found so far is increasing the zoom to 150%, which makes the cells look "normal", but that's impractical in the long term. Is there something else I can do on my end that's more of a permanent fix that doesn't involve actually having to change the size of the columns?
Thanks in advance. (Please advise if I need to clarify any part of this.)