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Autofill table in Sheet A with conditional entries in Sheet B-Z

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    Autofill table in Sheet A with conditional entries in Sheet B-Z

    Hello all

    I have attached a file to demonstrate what I want to do.
    When I get a request to get a quote for a particular product combination, I would create a new sheet, name it Quote - 1, and fill in the relevant information.
    When I am able to get a quote $ amount, such as in Sheet "Quote - 1" Rows 10-15, I enter the dollar amount into cells R10:R49.

    What I would love to have happen is for the "Master" sheet to autofill with these quotes as soon as a $ amount is put in for each entry in each sheet (or possibly when a Yes is put in cells AF10:AF49).
    Is this possible? I think I could do this myself if everything was in one sheet, but this scenario requires drawing the info from multiple sheets, including sheets that haven't even been created yet, and I require some assistance.

    In order to limit the size of this file, at the end of each month I will be removing the individual Quote Sheets. I would simply copy and paste the values of the Master sheet at that point, and let the new entries simply add on to the existing Master sheet. I would also delete the Quotes from the master sheet every 3 - 6 months, either manually or automatically if I figure out how to make that possible.

    I am not familiar with any Macro programming, but if that is the best way to go about this, and someone knows a link to a helpful article for my purposes, I'm okay with attempting to learn some basics.
    Please let me know if additional clarrification is desired.
    Thanks in advance!
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