I'm working on a dynamic spreadsheet in Excel 2010. It is a bylaws amendment document, and so each line has to be numbered. I used a center column to display the ongoing numbers. On either side, I have merged cells so that every paragraph could be in one merged cell together, but I want each line of text within these merged cells to correspond to a line number in the center column.

What I've noticed is that the first 10 or so lines in the merged cell will align perfectly with the line numbers in that central column, but as the paragraph in the merged cell continues, the alignment falls out of place, so that my last sentence in the merged cell, for instance, looks like it could be either 504 or 505 based on the center column. This is especially noticeable when I print it.

This isn't an auto fit issue--I don't want to auto fit the cells as I need to have each line of type numbered. I've tried changing the vertical alignment but that only changes where in my paragraph the line-to-line alignment starts to not correspond.

I've also tried changing the row height--it is currently set at 0.53cm, and I've tried both making it smaller and larger, and Excel just reverts it back to 0.53cm

Any help is very sincerely appreciated!