Hi All! FTP - please be kind! Also, note I am not a Techie, so please use layman's terms if responding to me... I use Excel (MS Office 2010) a lot and occasionally have issues whereby the workbook hasn't saved the changes I've made. For example, created a workbook last week. Showed my boss earlier this week - all the values in one column were incorrect. My boss thinks I'm incompetent and blaming Excel as a bad workman...

A few weeks ago I sent a large workbook via e-mail to a colleague. He sent me a very snotty e-mail asking me what the hell I had sent him. It seemed as though he was looking at a 'working' version of what I actually sent him. (The workbook had entries highlighted in different colours etc.) Checked the e-mail I sent him, thinking I had sent the wrong workbook. No, correct version of workbook attached to the e-mail in my Sent folder. Weird!!! He works on a different site and couldn't have had access to that particular folder in a shared drive, as it was actually stored on my desktop!

I am not the only person I know in my organisation to have had an issue whereby data isn't as expected when re-opening a file. I can accept 'operator error' once in a blue moon, but not to the extent I am experiencing this issue.

Please help, I am being driven crazy by this and also look a complete idiot to my boss!!!

Thanks in anticipation.