Background: I have an Excel workbook that has several spreadsheets. One is the Master Data sheet that has all my data including my Project List (A3:A100) and a PicTable sheet with the same list of my projects (A1:A100) and my dynamic pictures (B1:B100).

I also have a main Project Reporting sheet, where I have a combo drop down list box & a data validation dropdown list box.

The combo box input range is: 'MASTER DATA'!$A$3:$A$100 (which is list of Projects) and Cell link: A2
In specified cells on the Project Reporting sheet I have the formula =INDEX('MASTER DATA'!C3:C100,A2,1) to pull the data from the Master Data sheet when I select a specific Project. This works really well.

The Data validation box criteria is "List" and "Source" is =OFFSET(PicTable,,,,1)
The formula in cell F7 (where my pictures show) is =VLOOKUP(D2, PicTable, 2, FALSE) with some VB code to show pictures. This works really well.

I am hoping to only have the combo dropdown list box and when choosing a Project from the drop down list, the data would show in specified cells (as before) & the pictures would show in cell F7 as before. Is this possible? I appreciate any help I could get, I have been trying to solve this for months.