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Macro that changes cell values based on a changing date/year

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    Macro that changes cell values based on a changing date/year

    In a spreadsheet I have been working on that tracks sales information for a venue, I am making a master copy that can be changed based on the year. Currently i have a cell that you enter January first of the given year you are working (ie. 1/1/2012 for this year, 1/1/2013 for next year). The problem is, when I change the year, the days obviously change with it. If you look at the spreadsheet, and change the year, you can see that a number of places in the sheet have days of the week that already change accordingly when i change the date. But there are other areas of the spreadsheet where I would like to have a macro change all of the days for me. Ideally, when i enter the new date for a new year, I would then hit a button that goes and changes the name of each sheet named for the day of the week, as well as every cell where a day is denoted in my results pages.

    In order to truly understand what I mean, and I apologize if I am having a hard time getting my point across, when you change the year, Monday becomes Tuesday. I would like every area in my spreadsheet that it finds the word Monday, to change to Tuesday. And in certain areas even change the order of rows so that tables that include the days of the week, still start with Monday and continue down to Sunday. Again, I feel like I am having a hard time explaining this, so if you do have the time, and can take a look at the attached sheet, feel free to ask me any questions to help clarify. Any and all help would be appreciated, as I imagine this is not an easy macro to write. But perhaps i'm wrong, I am still learning the basics of VB, so I will be using what is written for this macro to help me understand what does what. Thanks again for your time, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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