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copying data from different worksheets and arrange it

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    copying data from different worksheets and arrange it

    I have user utilization data, where users are entering their day to day tasks from the drop down menu and entering time egainest it for daily
    All the users do nor have the same tasks for the months, one users may have 15 tasks where he is adding time and another user may have 20 tasks where he is enterring time.
    Few of the tasks may be common and user 1 or 2 may have some different tasks.

    I want to copy the data from both users and merge on a new worksheet so that i can list the tasks breakup for each user.
    please see the data below

    user 1
    Tasks Time
    Admin 5
    Documentation 5
    Internal meeting 10
    Customer meeting 12

    Tasks Time
    Upgrade 5
    Documentation 8
    Internal meeting 3
    Customer meeting 15
    travel 20

    Required Output:

    Task User1 User2
    Admin 5 0
    Documentation 5 8
    Internal meeting 10 3
    Customer meeting 12 15
    Upgrade 0 5
    Travel 0 20

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    Re: copying data from different worksheets and arrange it

    Do you want to consolidate the data only for user 1? What about user 2, user 3, etc?

    It will be better if you attach a sample file.

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    6. This will open a new window File Upload.
    7. Once you have located the file to upload click the Open button. This window will close.
    8. You are now back in the Manage Attachments - Excel Forum window.
    9. Click the Upload button and wait until the file has uploaded.
    10. Close the window and then click Submit.
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    All the user data are in same sheet or in different sheets?

    Please upload your file.

    This is just a 10 minutes task.

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