PartNo FG Qty FS Qty
6070067-001 324
6070073-001 177
6070073-001 0
6070075-001 635
7095316-48J 382
7095316-48J 0

Would like to get

PartNo FG Qty FS Qty
6070067-001 324 0
6070073-001 177 0
6070075-001 635 0
7095316-48J 382 0

Current SQL

(CASE when InventoryLocation='FG' then InventoryQuantity END) as 'FG Qty',
(CASE when InventoryLocation='FS' then InventoryQuantity END) as 'FS Qty'
WHERE InventoryLocation in ('FG','FS')
Group by PartNo, InventoryLocation, InventoryQuantity

I am attemtping to use Excel 2010 Data Connection to pull a listing of parts, inventory locations and quantities and Transform or Pivot it so that quantities of Part number (rows) are listed by InventoryLocations (columns). I cannot seem to get the information onto one line for each part number (I cannot do this through VBA as environment is macro sensitive and cannot do in Access, so this has to be strictly through the DataConnection or SQL statement) Also need a case statement or equivalent to fill in EOF/or zero results instead of blank values. I'm trying to avoid creating the pivot table in excel or referencing the blank values and converting on another page. Any help appreciated. Thanks.