Have searched through, i cant seem to find a similar work through so any help would be much appreciated although i think that MAX, MIN and IF will be in there, just cant quite get my head around the workings.

I am trying to put together a simple pay calculator but i cant quite work out the functions for the 3 variables. I did try and use Excel and payroll calculations for shifts as a basis but my VBA skills are lacking (to say the least) so whilst i could get the basics of the code, i couldnt really adjust it to include 3 different rates (as opposed to just the 1). As a description, hours worked on friday into saturday are at friday rate untill 00:00 on sat morning, then the remaining would be at sat rates, if hours worked on sunday run into monday, then the whole period would be paid at sunday rates. Im guessing a WEEKDAY function could work to differentiate between the days although if needed, can just keep sat and sun on a separate sheet.

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers, JimTimesheet Workings.xlsx