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Deleting duplicating rows

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    Deleting duplicating rows


    Say I have 2 columns: Insurance Policy Holder ID & Claim No.

    If the Insurance Policy Holder ID & Claim No. both repeat in 2 rows, I would like to delete one of them.

    If the Insurance Policy Holder ID repeats in 2 rows but the Claim No. in each row is unique, I would like to keep both.

    Is there anyway to do both in the same spreadsheet?
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    Re: Deleting duplicating rows

    hi sampahmel, welcome to the forum. since you are using Excel 2003, try putting formulas to assist you. assuming your columns are in A & B, try this in C:
    Autofilter the columns & filter column C is >=2. you can delete all of these

    in Excel 2007 & above, go to Data-> Remove Duplicates. Check the option that "My data has headers". Check both the "Insurance Policy Holder ID" & "Claim No" to indicate that it is only considered a duplicate when the both duplicated.

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