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General Advice (Filtering & Sorting)

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    General Advice (Filtering & Sorting)

    Hi All,

    Just after a bit of advice today, as I've spent a while trying to think of a solution for this problem.

    Basically, we have spreadsheets (one for each site) that the management fill in to record staff holidays. I've created a summary tab in each workbook (see attached example) to summarize the sickness for each individual employee, for each month. This tab also calculates the bradford factor for each employee for each month.

    I now need to find a way to collate all of this information from the summary tabs at each site. (5 sites). It needs to be broken down(/filtered) by the age of the employees, length of service and department. I did experiment with the advanced filter function for a bit, but I couldn't find a way to get it to just paste the values into a table. Is there any way I can get advanced filter to paste values? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for an easy, time effective method to use to collate this information each month?

    Thanks in advance,


    (N.B: The links are broken in the sample sheet, but most of the cells are linked to the main holiday recording tab.)
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