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Filtering Dates Problem

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    Filtering Dates Problem

    I have a report coming from a payroll software program with dates in it. When the report comes out, all the dates are shown in the filter as a single date, there is no option to filter them by year and month. There was a way to transform the date data so, that the filter shows them by year and month. What was the way? I have done this and I can't remember now. If somebody can help, I will be grateful. Thank you.

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    Re: Filtering Dates Problem

    There should be an option Date Filters... which allows you to filter by various date periods.

    If that doesn't appear then the dates might no actually be 'real' dates.

    You can test for that by putting this formula in an empty cell and replacing A2 with a reference to one of the dates.
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    If it returns FALSE then it's not a 'real' date.
    If posting code please use code tags, see here.

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