Dear Excel gurus,

I have a performance problem with Excel 2007. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on it. Unfortunately, I cannot post the file because it is proprietary.

The problem is that when I add a blank row to a big table it takes a very long time. Also, saving the file takes a really long time. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to speed things up.

The file is about 6 Mb. It has a few tables in it. The largest table (let's call it big.table) has about 2000 rows and 85 columns. Most of the columns have text or data stored in them. About 10 columns have calculations in them. about 5 of these columns have calculations that involve 2 or 3 vlookups per calculation and the use of a "named cell reference" (by that I mean that a parameter is specified in a specific cell somewhere else in the workbook and is given a name via using the "Name manager" on the formula ribbon). The other 5 or so columns have very trivial calculations involving adding a few numbers from the same row of the same table and comparing the sum to 0 via an if statement.

I do NOT have any conditional formatting in the big.table. I do have a "Total Row" at the bottom of the table. It has totals and counts for a few of the columns, but is blank for most columns.

This big.table is the table I need to add rows to. Whenever I try to add a blank row to the bottom of the table it takes a really long time!

I do not know whether the rest of the file matters for the purposes of this discussion, but here is some additional information.

There are 6 pivot tables that are driven by the big.table

There are also 4 smaller tables. Each smaller table has about 2000 rows and 27 columns. About 10 columns in each of the smaller tables have a single vlookup. in each cell.

Then there are about 20 pivot tables that use a single smaller table.

Thank you very much