Hi there.
I need help on 2 excel matters.
1. How do I lock picture that I insert in worksheet.
I have a few projects that required me to insert pictures, usually is a building drawing & I have to add some text on it.
But because is text & arrows I am adding onto the picture, at times I may accidentally click the picture instead & causes it to move.
Is there a way to lock the picture in excel 2010. I have tried going to "sizes & properties > properties > don't move & size with cell" - but it still move.

2. As said, I have a few project that requires me to add text & arrow to some architectural drawing (in pdf format) - is there any program in the market that
can convert architectural drawing into Excel format. I know it is better off using autocad or Adobe Illustrator to do the job but I am looking at alternative
as I find it too tedious to learn it.

Appreciate any helps