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Help Method for automatically replacing text

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    Help Method for automatically replacing text

    I work as a translator for my company. I receive excel files in Chinese that have to be translated to English. The possible translations are not very random and I have compiled a list of about 1500 different possible translations. In each excel box there is just a very simple Chinese noun. My question is how would I be able to have excel go through each cell and translate the contents automatically if I have compiled a list of possible translations?
    To better explain what I want to find out I will explain the method of translating that I use in more detail. First I receive the file Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 8.31.36 PM.png Then I click the first cell on the top left, I copy the contents of the cell and then go to auto correct. In the auto correct window I paste the cells contents into the "Replace" location. In the "With" location I put the English translation. That way if I receive a file the next day with the same translation needed, I can click the cell and simple hit enter and it will translate. For translations that appear more frequently I use control h to replace all. Although this cannot be the most effective method. It does not work that well, since certain words only appear once in a file with thousands of different entries.
    My goal is to make some sort of list of translations that Excel will recognize and make changes without me entering each cell individually. I hope someone can help me out a bit. My method now is very inefficient and I believe there must be a way to do this and save a few hours of work.

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    Re: Help Method for automatically replacing text

    Have you tried using a vlookup scenario. Look at this link on vlookup if you are not already familiar.


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