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Excel 2010 (Windows 7 Home Edition) crashing

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    Excel 2010 (Windows 7 Home Edition) crashing


    I have a (7 Mb) file including VBA. It works fine - calculations OK, macros run from custom ribbon, etc. I have been trying to modify an array formula. It still works OK after the modification but when I close the file and try to re-open, Excel crashes, with the usual messages (stopped working, Windows looking for a solution). I have since discovered that it's not, as I thought, the array formula, if I modify even the simplest formula, the file crashes on re-opening.

    Thinking it may be my copy of Excel, I subscribed to Office 365 (free month) to try the latest version. Same problem.

    Any advice gratefully received.



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    Re: Excel 2010 (Windows 7 Home Edition) crashing

    Hi Mick,

    Set the calculation mode to manual and try again.

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