Hi All,

I'm trying to automate a freight scheduling tool for an operations facility. There are certain truck deliveries that arrive Mon-Fri or Tue-Sat, etc. I'd like to automatically populate those entries as the scheduler keeps a running tally of appointments. For example:

Col A Col B Col C Col D Col E
WeekNum Date DayofWeek ApptTime Freight Carrier
30 25 Jul Thu 08:00 UPS
30 25 Jul Thu 08:00 XYZ Freight
30 25 Jul Thu 09:30 Fedex
30 25 Jul Thu 17:00 UPS
30 26 Jul Fri 08:00 UPS
30 26 Jul Fri 10:00 AAA Freight
30 27 Jul Sat 12:00 BBB Freight

I'd like to create a macro that searches for the auto-slotted appointments and, if they're not already allocated in the sheet, adds them where needed. The only way I can think of doing it currently is through a nested IF/AND statement. It would have to search through the WeekNum column to return only the most current week, then the DaysofWeek column to search for "Mon"-"Fri", for example, then look at the time slots "0800","0930", and "1700", then look at the Freight Carrier for "UPS" or "Fedex". If it doesn't find those exact conditions in those time slots it will then populate the next row with those appointments. For example, in the rows above it would add two appointments to the bottom two rows on Friday, one at 09:30 for a Fedex truck and one at 17:00 for a UPS truck. I have an auto-sort function on there currently that will put everything back into proper date and time chronological order when it is refreshed.

I realize this function is probably more complicated than its worth but I'm trying to minimize the amount of thought that has to go into my scheduler's routine each day.

Any ideas or help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for your time!