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Running separate excel instances Office 2013

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    Running separate excel instances Office 2013


    I'm trying to run two separate instances of Excel, and within each of them I am trying to run a macro. I know that to run separate instances you type "excel.exe /x" into the run dialog box, and that's no problem: they both open and I can operate them separately.

    The problem is this: when I run a macro in only one of the two instances it runs fine and does what it should do, and I can see the CPU usage for the CPU I assigned to this instance is being used. However, when I try and run another macro concurrently in the second instance (on a separate CPU), both instances become non respondent and I see that the CPU usage assigned to each of them drops to zero.

    Could anyone give me an idea of why this might be?

    Thanks, much appreciated!


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    Re: Running separate excel instances Office 2013

    I have no idea (scientifically). But I have a feeling that it might have something to do with what your macro does. I think at some point the two instances of Excel want to do something very similar and this causes them to stall, like trying to access the same file at the same time, or writing to the same location(memory or hard drive), or stuff like that.
    You might wanna share your worksheets and your macro, so the big dudes of the forum (professionals) could take a look at it.
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