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Data Validation with Multiple Independent Variables

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    Smile Data Validation with Multiple Independent Variables

    Hi everyone, could really use some help before my boss yells at me!!!

    I'm attempting to create a spreadsheet that can easily relay data to the user. I have 3 lists I need to compare:

    Location --> Process --> ID#

    With values such as....
    Location: Hong Kong, Brazil, Tenessee, Mission Hills
    Process: Common Base, By Batch, Post Addition
    ID#: 111111,222222,33333,444444,55555 etc. etc.

    The problem is each location has the same three processes, but each process completely different ID#'s.

    Example: I select 'Hong Kong' from a list. The following list then shows 'Common Base, By Batch, Post Addition'. I select 'Common Base' and a third list should show '1111,2222,3333 etc' and allow me to select an ID#.

    Hope someone can help, you will recieve all the internet karma you can handle.

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    Re: Data Validation with Multiple Independent Variables


    Welcome to the forum!
    Have a look here: http://www.contextures.com/xlDataVal02.html
    Hope that helps,

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