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Conditional Formatting based on Text match from If Statement?

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    Conditional Formatting based on Text match from If Statement?

    I want to highlight a cell if the text displayed from an IF formula is equal to the cell content.

    CELLS BK10:BN10 are merged and have entered into them the following text "SELL"

    Cells BJ20:BP20 are merged and contain the following formula which currently results in the cell displaying "SELL"

    =IF(BM22<=-0.08,"SELL", IF(AND(BM22>-0.08,BM22 < -0.03),"NO INDICATION", IF(BM22>=-0.03,"HOLD")))

    Cell BM22 is a percentage calculation of the differences between two different days of volume for this stock and that formula is: =(BH22/BH25)-1 Cell BM22 currently is calculating the result to be -65.65%

    When I set up a CLASSIC Conditional Formatting using a formula (="If($BJ$20=""SELL""") to check the if the text in cells BK10 match the text displayed in cell BJ20 - I get no error messages and no formatting?

    I am using Mac Office Excel 2011. I feel like I have tried everything including changing the Number selection type of the cells to TEXT. Nothing seems to works. Thanks, grateful for the assistance, Michael

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    Re: Conditional Formatting based on Text match from If Statement?

    MJSlattery, Good afternoon.

    a) You can change your formula.

    =IF(BM22<=-0.08,"SELL",IF(AND(BM22>-0.08,BM22<-0.03),"NO INDICATION",IF(BM22>=-0.03,"HOLD")))

    =IF(BM22<=-0.08,"SELL",IF(AND(BM22>-0.08,BM22<-0.03),"NO INDICATION","HOLD"))

    b) Conditional Formatting at BK10

    Simple verify if BJ20 is EQUAL BK10

    1st condition --> Cell value is --> EQUAL TO --> BJ20

    Please, try this one and tell us if it worked for you.
    I hope it helps you.

    Greetings from Brazil.
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    Best regards.
    Marcílio Lobão

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    Re: Conditional Formatting based on Text match from If Statement?

    You can even change the formula to:

    =IF(BM22<=-0.08,"SELL",IF(BM22<-0.03,"NO INDICATION","HOLD"))

    Conditional format don't need a 'IF' formula.
    The answer is for a conditional format formula is always a 'TRUE' or 'FALSE':

    English is not my native language sorry for errors
    Please correct me if I'm completely wrong

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