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Data Connections : Saving history before refreshing?

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    Data Connections : Saving history before refreshing?


    How can I easily save a sheet tab before I refresh a data file?

    I have several spreadsheets currently with a REFRESH tab, and then date tabs for every day I refresh the data - in order to follow the history, look back at last weeks data to compare, etc.
    What I currently do is refresh data > copy entire sheet > paste into a new sheet tab > save
    Doing this, however, makes my connections add up, each time I paste the data, it adds that data file to a new connection, leaving me with a list of connections. (ex. say data.txt is my external source. when I paste the sheet that creates, it makes a new connection to a file data1.txt, data2.txt, etc)

    I want to be able to open my spreadsheet, refresh my REFRESH tab, move the data to a new tab without creating so many different connections.

    Does this make any sense?

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    Re: Data Connections : Saving history before refreshing?

    Hi brianlg

    Yes, it makes perfect sense.

    The way I would do it would be as you are doing, but in the new tab paste > special > values only.


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