Hello EHF,

My boss gave me an interesting project the other day. He wanted me to make us a spreadsheet that generates printable sample tags. We are an engineering firm and frequently collect and store samples during our investigations. A sample tag has fields for sample numbers and descriptions, additionally our company logo and a line gauge along the bottom to provide scale in photographs.

The idea is to have a standard log on one sheet, where information can be entered, and then have the actual tags on one or more sheets. I believe the references are going to be circular also, just in case some masochistic engineer wants to put his information in the hard way for no reason.

Anyhow, formatting these tags has been pretty awful - turns out excel isn't for graphic design, who knew right? The problem has been finding a way to insert a line gauge along the bottom of one of these tags.


Does anyone know of a way that I could get excel to draw a line gauge, to scale, in this cell on the bottom instead of having to copy-paste a picture of a line gauge? I've heard images in excel files start to drift over time, and I am looking at possibly having 100 of these on one sheet.