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Multiple files to 1 'master' file - best process??

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    Multiple files to 1 'master' file - best process??

    I have a department of around 20 ppl, each have excel fies that can contain upto 10 tabs with those in turn possibly containing upto 500 lines each.

    I now need to take totals from each person, linking it back to my one 'master' file.

    Now i could do this with various VLookups but speed would be an issue here. I will be working off company servers too, so shared drives are invloved.

    Does anyone have any ideas on the best way this should be done?

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    Re: Multiple files to 1 'master' file - best process??

    I recently posted a similar solution. This will allow you to select a folder that contains other files, then it will copy data from a certain sheet name.
    maybe you can adapt it.


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