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Conditional Formatting two columns

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    Cool Conditional Formatting two columns

    I am trying to based on what is in column M, format column H,J, and K.
    So, if M="FDA" then H,J, and K should be formatted with a particular shading and pattern style.
    The rule should apply to every row. I don't know if I should write a macro to apply to every row? Or I can use the conditional formatiing feature?
    Please advise,

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    Re: Conditional Formatting two columns

    welcome to the forum, May. since they are non-contiguous ranges, you can try a few methods (say data ends at row 10):
    1(i) do 1 range first. select the range you want to apply to (say from H2:H10)
    (ii) OR, select 1 range, press & hold on to the CTRL key, select another & another. BUT, your last cell must be on the 1st row you want to highlight (i.e. row 2). so your last selection must be from bottom up. if it's too confusing, use (i)

    2. go to Home -> Conditional Formatting -> New Rule -> Use a formula to determine which cells to format -> Format values where this formula is true:

    3 (i) if you have used 1(i), you can repeat the steps for Column J & K OR in the window where you can see the header Conditional Formatting Rules Manager, go to the Applies to portion, click on the end of the range, press & hold on the CTRL key to select the other 2 ranges
    (ii) if you used 1(ii), you are done after clicking OK

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