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Building an app from an Excel sheet

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    Lightbulb Building an app from an Excel sheet

    Hi there,

    A couple of months ago I reached out to the community and asked whether some spreadsheets would work better as apps. For us, the answer is obvious, as we have helped create apps based on Excel sheets for years, mostly for hospital use. We've seen enough interest around converting spreadsheets to iPhone, Android and web apps that we've decided to create a cloud-based app designer allowing people to do just that:

    link deleted by Moderator

    The idea is that we provide a web-based tool that looks somewhat like Excel -- with its formula bar -- but with an app designer instead of a spreadsheet grid. If this sounds interesting, please consider joining the free beta program. We'd like to ensure that we build a tool that solves real problems, and the only way to do that is to collect feedback during the development process.

    David Polberger
    Neosupport AB
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