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How to auto enter today's date into cells

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    How to auto enter today's date into cells

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to set up a bunch of cells so that when data is put into them and you hit ENTER, today's date and a dash automatically appear before the text typed.

    As an example, if I type "filed tax return" into a cell and hit ENTER, I want the cell to then say "March 9 - filed tax return"

    I'm just looking for it to display the month and day (but not year), although if I could be shown how to do both (making it display just month and day, and also making it display month, day, and year) that would be great.

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    Re: How to auto enter today's date into cells

    How about a button on your spreadsheet that puts the data in whatever cell is highlighted/activated?

    Insert a button on your spreadsheet and attach this code to the button

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