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Receiving #N/A as Result for a Formula

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    Receiving #N/A as Result for a Formula

    I am hoping someone can help me. I have a Array Lookup formula in a cell. The Fomula is:


    The Array Table is:

    Code Program
    1 Medical Officer of Health
    2 Manager Budget
    3 Child Health
    4 Dental
    6 Media
    7 Epidemiology
    9 Vaccine Preventable Disease
    11 Munn-Health Protection Disease
    12 Sexual Health
    13 Handley
    14 Manager (Hart)
    15 Health
    16 Health Protection
    17 Communicable Disease
    20 Team
    22 Safe Food Protection
    28 Health Promotion
    30 CD
    32 Cancer
    34 Mgr-Clerical Services -
    35 Administration -
    36 Clerical Support
    37 E.A. Management
    47 Small Water
    48 Prevention of Falls
    50 Tobacco-Basic/Policy Falls
    54 SFO-Bylaw & Falls
    58 Ontario Healthy Smiles
    66 Priority Populations
    70 Speech and Language
    76 Panorama

    The formula works when I type a number into the column just before the column with the formula in it, the corresponding progam name displays but until I type in the budged code number the #N/A message displays in the column I have the formula in.

    I do remember having this issue with a spreadheet several years ago and I know I found a solution with the help of someone on the forum but I must have lost what the solution was. I would like the cells to remain blank until I enter the corresponding budget number budget number

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    Re: Receiving #N/A as Result for a Formula


    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    Re: Receiving #N/A as Result for a Formula

    Using LOOKUP with your table, if you enter a code that doesn't exist, you will get an incorrect response.

    I suggest that you use VLOOKUP instead which will in this case tell you that the code doesn't exist if there isn't a matching code for the value in H2.

    Formula: copy to clipboard
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