I have a spreadsheet that is hooked up directly to my data source (cube). I need to give this spreadsheet to external users who have access to the data source, but I need to protect the sheet so they cannot use the cube through my spreadsheet. This can be done by protecting the worksheet. However, there is a slicer on the spreadsheet that I will still want them to use, and protecting the worksheet does not allow them to use this. Is there anyway to protect the worksheet so they cannot access new data from my data source, but are still able to use that slicer?

I know Excel is not really set up that way because using that slicer is really using the data source, but the way the spreadsheet is set up is that that slicer will only allow them to see what I want them to see. I do not want them to access the data and see things that I do not want them to see. Thanks.