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Excel forum, learning this forum.

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    Excel forum, learning this forum.

    Hello to all!!.. I am happy that i found this wonderful site!!! I want to know a couple of things about this site,

    1. I would to know how to give proper respect to whoever helps me.. I don't want to be an ingrate and recognize the help.. How can i do this?.

    2. Is it possible to post/upload a workbook or something so that someone can see it and understand what i am trying to do?.

    3. Is there something i need to do/or know.


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    Re: Excel forum, learning this forum.

    The forum rules (link on the menu) explain everything you need to know.
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    Re: Excel forum, learning this forum.

    Sorry old limited use member but forgot how to post. Please help just upgraded to Excel 2021 & require assistance. Cannot find how to post. Shows my limitations.


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    Re: Excel forum, learning this forum.

    Administrative Note:

    Welcome to the forum.

    We are happy to help, however whilst you feel your request is similar to this thread, experience has shown that things soon get confusing when answers refer to particular cells/ranges/sheets which are unique to your post and not relevant to the original.

    Please see Forum Rule #4 about hijacking and start a new thread for your query.

    If you are not familiar with how to start a new thread see the FAQ: How to start a new thread

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