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Hide Blank Rows

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    Hide Blank Rows

    Hi. I'm new to forum. I need a macro that will help me hide rows that have no current data in it. I would like to email someone a portion of sheet so you can see it vs. trying to explain if that is allowed. I have one spreadsheet with several names and each name will have 12 months (12 rows). Each month I go in and filter to the current month and the names that I need and input data but not all names will end up with data for the current month and those are the rows I would love to quickly hide (not delete) at one time for the final report. The rest of my data for the prior months is hiding. Th
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    Re: Hide Blank Rows

    I would like to email someone a portion of sheet so you can see it vs. trying to explain if that is allowed.
    Do you mean email a forum member the workbook? If so, then no, we prefer that you upload your sample workbook to the forum here.

    All questions and answers will benefit other posters like yourself when discussed in public threads. The point of having a public forum is to share solutions to common (and sometimes uncommon) problems with all members.
    1. Use code tags for VBA. [code] Your Code [/code] (or use the # button)
    2. If your question is resolved, mark it SOLVED using the thread tools
    3. Click on the star if you think someone helped you


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    Re: Hide Blank Rows

    Try this Macro

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