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Drop Down Form Date Selector - Excel 2013 64bit

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    Drop Down Form Date Selector - Excel 2013 64bit

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit
    MO: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013
    Excel Version: (15.0.4659.1000)
    MSO Version: (15.0.4649.1000) 64bit

    Style Sheet Description: A video game pre-order List, containing: the games name, release date, price, location (e.g. name of store purchased at), & amount paid (if any).

    Issue: I'm trying to make it so the DATE cells (35) display the date to be released after selecting a date from a Calendar. So basically imagine a drop-down box containing a Calendar that the user can select a date and then the cell will display that date as text in the cell (e.g. 10/27/2014).

    How did you try to solve the issue yourself: I did a search on Google (e.g. Form date picker in excel 2013 64 bit), but all solutions provided did not or could not work with Excel 64bit version.

    Solution Requested: Can you explain how and if this can be done by linking to a tutorial (specific for Excel 2013 64bit), add-on, or another way to accomplish what I would like the cells to do.

    Thanks in Advanced.

    ~Noob Saibot

    EDITED: Solved

    Source: http://www.rondebruin.nl/win/addins/datepicker.htm

    1) Follow instructions on Installation.
    2) Right click on "cell" and select "Date Picker" then double click a number (date) to insert into cell.
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    Re: Drop Down Form Date Selector - Excel 2013 64bit

    Thanks for posting your solution.

    When I discovered that like so many others I didn't have the Excel "date picker" installed I was wondering how to achieve a quick formatted date insert function, Thankfully this is simple and it works.


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    Re: Drop Down Form Date Selector - Excel 2013 64bit

    Hello all, I believe the link has changed. Could you please confirm?

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