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Extract column names by searching Row 1 header names?

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    Extract column names by searching Row 1 header names?

    My name is Syfy, and I am a novice Excel user.
    I have been tracking captive animal growth and other natural history data on a spreadsheet.
    Sometimes I write a formula to analyze some simple relationships. My spreadsheet is evolving, right now I have 9 monthly columns, but over the last three years there have been less. My Row 1 column headers are consistent, for example, WT always means weight. On occasion, I insert a new column to look at some life history aspect mathematically. Each month I do data entry on the spreadsheet. I copy/paste the columns from the previous month, and enter new data. So far Excel is way smarter than I am and makes adjustments accordingly. But sometimes my formulas lose their original target columns. I assume this happens as a result of adding an exploratory column, or other rookie move on my part. At these moments, when I have to re-create the original formula, column name by column name, I feel dumb.

    Is there a way to search by my Row 1 header names, for example all columns with Row 1 header = "WT", and retain the original column names so that I can copy/paste the column names in the process of writing a new formula?
    I feel silly scrolling across my spreadsheet and writing down the column names on the back of junk mail envelopes so that I can type them into a new formula.
    Sometimes this might involve 20-30 columns or more. I have fiddled with a simple horizontal sort, but the column names are changed.

    Any help appreciated!

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    Re: Extract column names by searching Row 1 header names?

    Hi, welcome to the forum

    Before offering any suggestions, it would probably help if we could see a sample of what you are working with - and what you want.

    Another consideration, would be to enter all your data on 1 sheet, and then run your summaries/calcs/analysis etc from that
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