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mail merge from excelsheet

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    mail merge from excelsheet

    i have a file of ms word having 3 pages of mail merge the data from an excel file (sheet1).when i type a very big name in excel sheet and execute mail merge ,the mail merge results shows that some of the bottom lines of page 1 of ms word goes to page no 2 and so on .i want to stop that .the total data and text in one page not expand to next page even if i write very very big name or data in excel sheet from where the mail merge pickup the data.is there any vba code or other solution

    other post link http://www.msofficeforums.com/excel/...cel-sheet.html
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    Re: mail merge from excelsheet

    Your post does not comply with Rule 8 of our Forum RULES. Do not crosspost your question on multiple forums without including links here to the other threads on other forums.

    Cross-posting is when you post the same question in other forums on the web. The last thing you want to do is waste people's time working on an issue you have already resolved elsewhere. We prefer that you not cross-post at all, but if you do (and it's unlikely to go unnoticed), you MUST provide a link (copy the url from the address bar in your browser) to the cross-post.

    Expect cross-posted questions without a link to be closed and a message will be posted by the moderator explaining why. We are here to help so help us to help you!

    Read this to understand why we ask you to do this, and then please edit your first post to include links to any and all cross-posts in any other forums (not just this site).

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    Re: mail merge from excelsheet

    If you want to control the amount of space a mergefield's data can occupy, put the mergefield into a table cell with a fixed row height and cell width.
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