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Outline Border Shortcut, changeing the properties

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    Outline Border Shortcut, changeing the properties

    HI All, I was wondering if any one as been able to change the property of the Outline Border shortcut.
    I would like it change the line weight to medium and change the color to blue.
    the short cut key stokes are: Ctrl + Shift+ 7


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    Re: Outline Border Shortcut, changeing the properties

    Here is a vba solution that will replicate the current Ctl Shift 7. To make this available in all worksheets, you will need to create a personal.xlsb macro sheet. Look at this link on how to do that.


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    How to install your new code
    1. Copy the Excel VBA code
    2. Select the workbook in which you want to store the Excel VBA code
    3. Press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor
    4. Choose Insert > Module
    5. Edit > Paste the macro into the module that appeared
    6. Close the VBEditor
    7. Save your workbook (Excel 2007+ select a macro-enabled file format, like *.xlsm)

    To run the Excel VBA code:[list=1][*]Press Alt-F8 to open the macro list[*]Highlight the macro and select Options, then make the macro Ctl Shift 7 in the box.

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