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Designing Layouts, Creating and printing reports

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    Designing Layouts, Creating and printing reports

    I need to design, create and print reports from my Excel files.

    I would like to use field titles and the data within each field and size them and orient them on the page in a certain way. I may not want to use every field and I would like to print reports with multiple entries on a page. Sounds simple enough but I can't seem to discover it on my own.

    I currently do not have fields that need any calculations but I can envision doing that in the future.

    Thanks for any tips or info you can offer. Also, I'm not sure which is the best sub-forum to be directing my questions.

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    Re: Designing Layouts, Creating and printing reports


    You question is very general & may be why you're not getting any replies.

    Would you be able to post some of what you currently have (I assume this would be a table of data) & also any diagrams/ pictures of how you want to see the data presented?

    Can you also give an idea of your experience with Excel so I & other forum members can give you a suitable answer within your current experience level.

    Happy to help you if you can give a bit more guidance.

    Remember you are unique, like everyone else

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