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Clearing a Range of Cells

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    Clearing a Range of Cells

    Hello all I'm completely new to this I have used excel in the past but that was a long time ago. I am writing a very short program to keep track
    of my home expenses on a weekly and monthly basis. I have setup separate sheets for wk1 thru wk4 and months which contain the 12 months Jan thru
    Dec. my issues are when I clear the weekly contents after week4 it also clears data in the month sheet for month I'm working on. Can someone suggest a way
    around this as I will run into this problem for every month. I am using MS office 2003 I was thinking of a script in VBA to clear a range of cells but it seems complicated
    so I will wait for some suggestions

    Thank you

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    Re: Excel issues

    Hello Ron & Welcome to the Forum,

    I was thinking of a script in VBA to clear a range of cells
    So you saying you're not using VBA right now? Are you clearing cells manually right now?

    If you can attach a sample workbook with a clear before and after picture we can help further.
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    Regards, Jeff

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